Ready Teddy Death Ready for some great discounts

Bangin’ Reality Discounts is a premier site that allows users the ability to use a discount to the RealityKings website. They offer a fairly in-depth review and breakdown the discounts they offer. Here are the discounts that they have:

  1. Just for those of you who do not know, RealityKings offers a $39.95 monthly price point.
  2. provides a monthly price point of $9.95. I’ve see this vary up to $14.95. I guess this just depends on the time of the month.
  3. Their annual membership discount is $7.95 a month. That’s a savings 80%.
  4. In addition, they offer a $1.00, two day trial.

If this is something you’re interested in, I’d suggest you snatch up these savings today.